Benefits of Fitness Bootcamp


With all the fitness crazes out there—cleanses, diets, DVDs, group classes—what makes fitness boot camp superior? Boot camps provide you with the ultimate fitness package. Whether your goals be to lose a substantial amount of weight, create a more muscular build, get toned, or simply stay active, boot camps often give you access to a complete team of knowledgeable health and fitness experts to help you achieve your goals.

High Intensity

First off, boot camp style routines are derived from the exercises that whip military soldiers into lean muscle machines. They are often a mix of weight training and high intensity cardio intervals, which is the perfect combination for truly effective weight loss and lean muscle building. Moreover, since the routines are carried out with intensity and speed, your body does a regular 1-hour gym workout in roughly 30 minutes, before your mind even has time to talk you out of it. You will feel your body doing more work in half an hour than most people will do in a week.


At regular gyms, it can be tough for even the avid gym goer to get through a workout without losing some motivation. It’s too easy to run for a few minutes, lift a couple sets, and call it a day before your body has even burned through any calories. The boot camp atmosphere fosters the self-discipline and accountability necessary to stick to your health goals. Boot camp instructors motivate their fitness soldiers, instilling a “No Rest “and “Work Harder” mentality from the start of the routine, to the end. This extra push works best or those struggling to get through a workout on their own.

Motivation also comes from the relationships that boot camp goers often form amongst each other. Acquaintances become friends and friends keep each other accountable. You are less likely to miss a workout session when your friends are expecting you to be there and put in work.

Soon, out of a strictly built habit, you will develop an intrinsic motivation and confidence to do right by your body, and exercise with or without someone pushing you through it.


Many boot camps offer knowledgeable instructors that can help you improve your diet. After all, exercise alone does not guarantee weight-loss or substantial muscle definition. For optimum results, you need proper nutrition to supplement your high intensity workout routines. Your body needs the right foods to recover, replenish, and rebuild itself into the shape you’re trying to achieve. Nutrition experts at boot camp can help you with that!

Rapid Results

The nature of boot camp exercises combined with proper nutrition results in a fast transformation. Just a few weeks of consistent exercise and healthy eating will yield you a slimmer and leaner figure. You will be closer to your goals in less time than you ever thought possible!