Benefits of Group Exercise

There are many reasons why people are turned off by the humdrum routine of workouts at the gym, or neighborhood runs. Some people feel intimidated, bored, or they may lack motivation to workout on their own. That’s why group exercise is an ideal option for those looking to spice up their active life.


1. Trained professional

Traditional gyms often overwhelm people. They don’t know which equipment to use, how to use the equipment, or which exercises will work best for certain muscle groups.

With group exercise, the presence of a trained instructor eliminates the confusion, and there is little to no machine usage (depending on the type of exercise e.g. spin class requires spin bicycles).

During group exercises, your skilled trainer will lead you through each routine, dictating tempo and intensity, and supervise you to make sure you are carrying out each movement with proper form. This helps to get the most out of your workout. Even a simple bicep curl can be done incorrectly, and therefore fail to work the bicep muscle properly, or worse, cause injury.

2. Variety

One of the greatest advantages of group exercise is how diverse your options are. You can take spin classes, salsa, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, cross fit, aquatics, running groups—the choices are endless.

These various group exercises may take place in traditional gyms, sports clubs, studios, community centers, or even outdoors in a park. For those who get tired of the same old run-of-the-mill gym atmosphere, taking group exercise in a different environment may be appealing and bring some excitement to working out.

Moreover, the types of groups themselves vary. They can be groups specified for just men, women, expectant mothers, athletes, or just kids.

3. Accountability

Group exercise can often be utilized as an outlet for bonding or entertainment between friends, couples, and family members. Invite your friends to join a class with you, and you’ll be less likely to miss out on exercise.

If you can’t bring someone with you to your group exercise, it’s easy to make friends amongst other people taking your class or session. You can bond over a common interest, for example, your goals to be healthy and fit.

Whether it is with people close to you, or new friends, the social aspect of group exercise provides great motivation and support. You’ll have support to get you to your workout, and get you through your workout. Achieving your health and fitness goals is always easier when you aren’t doing it alone.

4. Money-saving

An interesting aspect of group exercise that people often miss is the fact that it can be relatively inexpensive, or sometimes even free. This is helpful to those on a tight budget. Many yoga studios and boot camps run 4-6 week specials that offer group exercise at a discounted and affordable price. Interestingly enough, you’ll find that even some athletic or sports shops host free group exercise classes. For example, Athleta, a chain of women’s sportswear offers free yoga classes on designated days.