Benefits of Resistance Training

Many people are stuck with the ideology that a workout program of strictly cardio is the key to weight loss and perfect health. What they fail to realize is that resistance training provides numerous benefits beyond achieving slimness:


  1. Accessibility
    Resistance training is easily accessible to people of all levels of fitness, simply because it can be executed anywhere at any time. A gym or trainer isn’t necessary for resistance training. All you need are free weights and/or resistance bands. This saves a lot of time and money for people on the go or on a tight budget. Furthermore, it makes keeping to a workout routine easier when you need to stay at home. On vacation, pack your lightweight resistance bands in your carry-on and you’ll never have to take a day off from fitness
  2. Versatility and Variety
    Because resistance training can be done with either weights or resistance bands, you will see diversified progress in your body. For example, lifting heavy free weights increases muscle mass, while resistance bands increase flexibility since bands allow the limbs to execute a full range of motion.
  3. After-burn & Weight Loss
    Resistance training results in the phenomena of after-burn, where your body continues to burn calories even after your workout and throughout your day. After-burn occurs because resistance training builds lean muscle mass. Lean muscle expends more calories for energy versus storing the calories in your body as fat. Thus, increasing your metabolism and speeding the process of weight loss.
  4. Heart Health
    A lean body does not only create a slimmer figure, but also a healthier heart. When you lift weights, your muscles need blood to fuel movement, so your heart works to pump that blood throughout your body.  This improves the health of your heart tissue and increases aerobic capacity. Studies comparing subjects who engage in types of resistance training against others who don’t have shown decreased factors in heart disease.
  5. Slow Aging
    The list of health benefits with resistance training is endless, as resistance training strengthens skeletal muscles, which are essential to everyday functioning. It is linked with reducing the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis by improving bone density and strengthening ligaments and joints. Just by implementing a few minutes of strength training to your day, you can slow down the risks of bone and muscle injury due to aging!

The practice of stabilizing the muscles also aids in relieving chronic pain problems like back pain and pain from knee injuries. Resistance bands and weight lifting proves useful for recovery in the fields of physical therapy and sports medicine.

Resistance training builds endurance for even the simplest day-today activities. Have you ever had trouble lifting a heavy dinner platter, grocery bags, or luggage? Something as minute as grip and forearm strength can be improved by consistent use of free weights or resistance bands.