Get Out of the Slump

Need to get out of an exercise slump? Are you losing enthusiasm and motivation to exercise? Group exercise is one of the most popular fitness avenues, as it provides a solution to the challenges faced by those struggling to workout on their own. With so many options, there’s no reason why group exercise can’t lead you to fitness success.

One of the advantages to group exercise is that there are numerous choices.  Between different activities and different environments, the options are endless. These are just some of the options made available through group exercise:

  1. Running – Join a running group in your neighborhood, or start one amongst your friends.
  2. Hiking – Hiking is a great weekend activity for friends and families. It combines exercise with the element of exploration. Map out a nearby trail and time how long it takes for you to complete it together. Then, map out a different trail for the next weekend.
  3. Sports – Sports is one of the most accessible forms of group exercise. There are leagues and tournaments of all ages for you to join. Plus, you will have a regular schedule of practice days and game days, keeping you committed to consistent exercise. Join a soccer league, a basketball tournament, organize football teams amongst your friends.
  4. Dance – Dance is great for those not attracted to traditional exercise. Or maybe you’re just looking to spice things up. Take a salsa class, jazz, hip-hop, whatever you please. Your body will react to the different twists and turns in dance, and you’ll definitely feel muscle soreness the next day; a sign that your muscles have been put to work.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Success in Numbers”? This applies to exercise as well. When you take part in exercise as a member of a group, each group member provides the others with support and motivation. This social aspect of exercise creates a sense of camaraderie among group members. It makes exercise fun, eliminates boredom, and fosters motivation. Plus, simply being around others gives you more energy than if you were going at it alone. Those who take part in group exercise are more likely to stick to a routine and therefore stick to their fitness goals.

Not only do you gain accountability and motivation from your fellow group members, but you also learn things from others in your group. Conversation comes naturally when people get together, like what diet they’ve been trying, health-conscious recipes they use, what has been successful or unsuccessful for them. Their advice may help you with ideas for your own health goals. Use your exercise group as a resource for reaching these goals.

Give group exercises a try. Challenge yourself. Run along side someone who is faster than you. Kick box next to someone who is more intense than you. Cycle next to someone who is faster than you. Taking the challenge makes you work harder and bring your body closer to optimal fitness.