Group Exercise Is The Future of Fitness

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Benefits of Group Exercise
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Group exercise provides participants with an opportunity to get motivated and push themselves by being physically active with others. Most of us remember playing outdoors with friends during our childhood or participating on sports teams in school. Once we hit adulthood, though, many of these forms of exercise fade away to make time for other responsibilities. Too often we try to get back into shape by joining a gym or buying fitness DVDs only to find it is hard to motivate ourselves during this solo workouts. Enter group fitness.

Group fitness generally involves physical activity with others under the direction and supervision of a trainer. At OC|FIT, trainers use all sorts of exercise formats from resistance training to core workouts, running to muscle conditioning. In the group fitness setting, participants find they push themselves harder and generally find they get more enjoyment out of the workouts. This difference is due to the sense of shared dedication to self-improvement that the clients of OC fit body experience. Group exercise is fun, safe, and more often than not provides participants with a variety of class formats to keep them motivated and interested. The social setting of group exercise classes can help keep participants from getting bored because every class session is different. At OC|FIT, not only is their some variety between what trainers lead a given class, but also clients can meet new fellow participants at the wide range of group class times that are available. This means participants never have the same type of workout twice.

Group fitness also holds participants accountable. How many times have you skipped working out a certain part of your body because you either did not know what exercises were most effective, or you simply did not enjoy those types of exercise? With group fitness classes, not only are there infinite variations of exercises to perform but also you are motivated to keep up with the group and try everything—even when a certain muscle group is not your favorite to work. This accountability stretches beyond just encouraging participants to push themselves to try new and more physically demanding exercises. The sense of camaraderie OC|FIT clients feel after just a few sessions with their fellow participants helps to motivate them to come back day after day. Just imagine: it’s 5:00 A.M. and you just would rather stay in bed, or it’s 4:30 P.M. and it has been a crazy day at work. The last thing your tired self wants to do is go workout. Then you think of the inspirational people you worked out with at OC|FIT yesterday and it gives you that extra push to be there, dressed and ready to sweat with them. This sense of a shared passion for fitness is something all OC|FIT clients feel fairly early on and it keeps them coming back for more.

Before you know it, group fitness becomes more than a task to perform each day and it becomes more than a simple habit. Participating in group exercise becomes a way of life. The success of these group fitness classes for individuals who give them a shot indicates just how effective these programs are. The sheer number of success stories and the testimonials from clients speak for themselves. Group fitness helps people feel motivated and eager to participate, forces them to push themselves, and keeps them interested. At OC|FIT these are our goals—at every class—with every client.

Group fitness classes are also beneficial to people with many demanding responsibilities because they are offered throughout the day and thus help even the most busy people fit their daily workout into their schedules. Even if you cannot squeeze in a session in the morning, there are still multiple afternoon options available making it convenient to keep on top of your fitness goals.
If you have found yourself in a rut with your current exercise routine or want to get a fresh start, give group fitness a try. Group fitness at OC fit Body involves all sorts of circuit, cardiovascular, endurance, and resistance training to work every part of your body and keep the workouts fresh, yet challenging. The group setting provides increased motivation by inspiring participants to feel they are part of a “pack” of like-minded individuals all looking to improve themselves one burpee at a time. Participants also feed off of each other’s energy and excitement, which makes each workout more productive because participants learn, adapt, and achieve together.

Let OC|FIT show you just how far group exercise can take you. Say goodbye to the days of boring, unproductive solo gym workouts and exercise videos and say hello to the new and improved you. Group fitness is, after all, the future of fitness. Become something bigger than yourself and experience firsthand the benefits of group fitness.

Same Swim Suit, Same Pose… Before Fit Body and After Fit Body! Way To Go Alison, Smok’n HOT!

I used to spend hours at the gym, but I never noticed any improvement in my body. I wanted to try something different, but Cross-Fit programs weren’t for me. After a short time participating in the group exercise classes at OC FIT, I became incredibly toned, ten times stronger, and even built the endurance to run marathons! My body looks better than it has in years, and I feel unstoppable thanks to OC FIT’s group fitness classes


Allison dropped 15lbs and got the smok’n hot body she deserved in 4 months

Steve and Bon at Irvine OC FIT are the best trainers around! After my first 30-minute workout, I was instantly addicted. I couldn’t get enough of the intensity and group setting and neither could my body! I love getting my fix of intense cardio, weights, and core workouts. The first 5 pounds melted off like butter, and I was pumped to keep pushing harder. My fellow Boot Camp go’ers help push me too. A few months later, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and gained sexy muscles in my core, arms, and shoulders! I’m convinced OC FIT group classes provide the best workouts for all levels of fitness, no matter what your fitness goals are.


Sean Dropped 67lbs and Went From Fadiator to Gladiator!

Before OC FIT, I had almost given up on getting into shape. I spent too much time and money on personal training, “breakthrough” diets, and celebrity-endorsed workout videos. But only OC FIT was able to deliver real results through their incredible group fitness classes. I LOST 67 POUNDS OF FLAB in virtually no time! The trainers at Fit Body made weight loss possible THE HEALTHY WAY, offering me great meal advice and encouraging me to always think positive. If you’re stuck in a fitness rut, let everyone at OC FIT help you get you through it!


Elaine’s Down 8 Sizes In Just 3 Months! Awesome Job Elaine!

Steve and Bon at Fit Body are my heroes! With my busy work schedule, gym time and getting in shape felt impossible. At OC FIT, the group workouts are only 30 minutes long, and the trainers and other Fit Body clients give me so much motivation to come every morning and work my hardest. Before, friends and family would never think that I could lift weights or kickbox, but now I’m 8 sizes slimmer and full of strength and energy! The results are fast! The results are real! Thanks for all the support Fit Body!


The BEST Decision I Have Ever Made.

OC FIT is the COMPLETE FITNESS PACKAGE! Steve and the trainers gave me nutritional advice, attention of personal training, and paramount encouragement through each tough group workout. I felt like a real person with real concerns at Fit Body, instead of some chain gym member lost in the mix. I’ve said goodbye to a surprising 45 POUNDS in 3 short months! I owe all my newfound strength and health to OC FIT and their fun group exercise classes. I encourage everyone to try Fit Body…you too could be weeks away from the best shape ever!


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