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Kickboxing as a method of fitness has grown in popularity over the last decade. This is due to its blend of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics, which combine to provide participants with a high-energy workout. Cardio core workouts involves the entire body and leaves no muscle groups neglected while also making participants breathe heavy and sweat. For those looking to burn calories and lose weight, core workouts classes can help you reach your goal as estimates show a participant involved in cardio core workouts can burn as many as 600 calories in a single, hour-long workout.

Besides the fat-burning benefits of core workouts, consistent participation in classes can also help reduce stress. Everyone has tons of responsibilities to take care of each day. Cardio core workouts can be an outlet for the frustration that builds up throughout the week by letting participants kick and punch to their hearts’ content without fear of hurting anyone. While kicking and punching your bag during an intense workout, you can also help improve your hand-eye coordination. Often times, participants of consistent core workouts workouts see a noticeable improvement in their hand-eye coordination within a couple of weeks.

Kickboxing fitness has the added benefit of helping participants learn self-defense while exercising. The martial arts component of core workouts makes this form of exercise different from so many other types of exercise out there. Not only will you experience your body getting stronger and see it getting leaner over the course of your practice, but also you will have skills to defend yourself should an issue ever arise.

Beyond the aforementioned improvements to your physical self, core workouts, just like most other forms of cardiovascular workouts, contributes to your body’s release of endorphins, which improve your mood and confidence. Imagine feeling more energized and all around happier day in and day out while enjoying your new, toned and lean body.

At OC|FIT, trainers are knowledgeable and creative about their core workouts instruction. It is important to have someone who knows about the correct techniques for core workouts to observe your practice and help all participants avoid injury by punching and kicking effectively and with good form. OC|FIT trainers often utilize weights in conjunction with punching and kicking to make sure clients push themselves at each and every workout. This means that the core workouts workouts are varied to ensure clients use different muscles and varying intensities during each workout.

Many people do not realize that core workouts effectively works the entire body, particularly the core and especially the abdominal muscles. If done correctly, each punch or kick should engage your abs and help tone your stomach in time for swimsuit season. OC|FIT trainers make sure to remind clients to focus on punching and kicking with deliberate movements to engage the entire core. They have no problem pointing to and helping clients make the necessary adjustments to their core workouts form in order aid clients in getting the most out of each workout.

Kickboxing in a class setting is beneficial because a group mentality encourages participants to push themselves by working harder. Working out in a group under the instruction of a trainer leads to increased motivation. Participants in core workouts classes find they challenge their own limits more when surrounded by other like-minded people looking to improve themselves. Imagine yourself feeling physically spent and like you just need to stop for the day. Then you look around and see your fellow participants sweating, punching, and kicking as hard as they can. Their hard work can inspire you to keep going. If they can do it, so can you! If you need that extra push to help motivate yourself to work hard and get the most benefit out of your core workouts fitness then OC|FIT’s group classes are perfect for you.

OC|FIT clients have experienced incredible success with consistent core workouts workouts. Their testimonials speak for themselves as past and current clients rave about the ways in which participating in cardio core workouts works their entire bodies and helps them lose that stubborn fat that other forms of exercise cannot. Kickboxing classes can improve your entire life from helping you finally get that body you have always wanted to helping to build your sense of confidence. Further, the added benefits of familiarizing yourself with a form of self-defense could never hurt just in case you ever find yourself in a pinch.

The core workouts trainers at OC|FIT are ready and eager to help you learn and improve upon this new and exciting form of exercise. All it takes is a few sessions for you to realize just how great core workouts is for you both physically and mentally. Come check out the core workouts gym at OC|FIT and see for yourself just how effective cardio core workouts can be for you. What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to kick-start your fitness with cardio core workouts.

Same Swim Suit, Same Pose… Before Fit Body and After Fit Body! Way To Go Alison, Smok’n HOT!

I used to spend hours at the gym, but I never noticed any improvement in my body. I wanted to try something different, but crossfit programs weren’t for me. After a short time participating in the core workouts classes at OC FIT, I became incredibly toned, ten times stronger, and even built the endurance to run marathons! My body looks better than it has in years, and I feel unstoppable!


Allison dropped 15lbs and got the smok’n hot body she deserved in 4 months

Steve and Bon at Irvine OC FIT are the best trainers anywhere! After my first 30-minute workout, I was instantly addicted. I couldn’t get enough of the intensity of their core workouts workouts and neither could my body! I love getting my fix of intense cardio, weights, and core workouts. The first 5 pounds melted off like butter, and I was pumped to keep pushing harder. A few months later, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and gained sexy muscles in my core, arms, and shoulders! I’m convinced OC FIT is the best gym for all levels of fitness, no matter what your fitness goals are.


Sean Dropped 67lbs and Went From Fadiator to Gladiator!

Before OC FIT, I had almost given up on getting into shape. I spent too much time and money on personal training, “breakthrough” diets, and celebrity-endorsed workout videos. But only OC FIT was able to deliver real results. Through the core workouts workouts offered at Fit Body, I LOST 67 POUNDS OF FLAB in virtually no time! The trainers at Fit Body made weight loss possible THE HEALTHY WAY, offering me great meal advice and encouraging me to always think positive. If you’re stuck in a fitness rut, let OC FIT help you get you through it with their incredible core workouts training formula!


Elaine’s Down 8 Sizes In Just 3 Months! Awesome Job Elaine!

Steve and Bon at Fit Body are my heroes! With my busy work schedule, gym time and getting in shape felt impossible. At OC FIT, the workouts are only 30 minutes long, and the trainers give me so much motivation to come every morning and work my hardest. Before, friends and family would never think that I could lift weights or kickbox, but now I’m 8 sizes slimmer and full of strength and energy! The results are fast! The results are real! Thanks for all the support Fit Body!


The BEST Decision I Have Ever Made.

OC FIT is the COMPLETE FITNESS PACKAGE! Steve and the trainers gave me nutritional advice, attention of personal training, and paramount encouragement through each tough workout. I felt like a real person with real concerns at Fit Body, instead of some chain gym member lost in the mix. I’ve said goodbye to a surprising 45 POUNDS in 3 short months thanks to the core workouts fitness offered, and I owe all my newfound strength and health to OC FIT. I encourage everyone to try Fit Body…you too could be weeks away from the best shape ever!


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