Reach Your Fitness Goals With Resistance Training In Irvine

Resistance training, also known as strength training, is usually associated with athletes hoping to build up muscle and make their bodies bigger. However, resistance training can either help people reach their goals of more, bulky muscle, or simply increase the overall strength of the body but not its size. This means that anyone can use resistance training, under the guidance of knowledgeable trainers, to achieve the strong, yet lean body they have always wanted.

Trainers instruct clients on a wide variety of equipment such as weights, bands, or just one’s own body weight to create resistance and work all muscle groups. By training your body to work with this equipment, you can increase the strength within each muscle. From the first day you will already feel a change in your body. The soreness you feel after the first day is evidence that you will be even stronger for the next workout as your muscles have time to develop as you progress.

For people looking to lose weight, resistance training is the way to go. As previously mentioned, the muscle you build through resistance training can help you lose fat and get lean. This is because as you build muscle, your body requires more and more energy to function properly when you are active. What this means is the more muscle you build, the more fat calories you will be burning every minute. In this way, not only does resistance training help you tone your body but also it will help you become leaner and get rid of that stubborn fat that other forms of exercise could not handle.

Resistance training has more than just physical benefits. As you get stronger, you will also have more energy and find that you can do more activities because of your newfound strength. This is great reason why resistance training is beneficial to even those at more advanced ages because it allows them to improve their health and do more without the assistance of others. Because resistance training helps build not only stronger muscles but also builds stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability, resistance training helps reinforce your joints and prevent injury. Lastly, there is evidence that resistance training can result in a lowered heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

There is a wide range of types of resistance training exercises to keep your workouts fresh yet challenging. The key to effective resistance training is forcing your body to work against a load. This could meet lifting dumbbells to work your upper body, or even carrying them while doing lunges or squats to provide that extra resistance on top of your own body weight. Exercises like pull-ups, step-ups, and push-ups set the body up to work against its own body weight. Thus, resistance weight training helps pushes your body day after day and leads to increased muscle mass that in turn helps you burn fat.