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Resistance training, also known as strength training, is usually associated with athletes hoping to build up muscle and make their bodies bigger. However, resistance training can either help people reach their goals of more, bulky muscle, or simply increase the overall strength of the body but not its size. This means that anyone can use resistance training, under the guidance of knowledgeable trainers, to achieve the strong, yet lean body they have always wanted.

At OC|FIT, trainers instruct clients on a wide variety of equipment such as weights, bands, or just one’s own body weight to create resistance and work all muscle groups. By training your body to work with this equipment, you can increase the strength within each muscle. From the first day you will already feel a change in your body. The soreness you feel after the first day is evidence that you will be even stronger for the next workout as your muscles have time to develop as you progress.

For people looking to lose weight, resistance training is the way to go. As previously mentioned, the muscle you build through resistance training can help you lose fat and get lean. This is because as you build muscle, your body requires more and more energy to function properly when you are active. What this means is the more muscle you build, the more fat calories you will be burning every minute. In this way, not only does resistance training help you tone your body but also it will help you become leaner and get rid of that stubborn fat that other forms of exercise could not handle.

Resistance training has more than just physical benefits. As you get stronger, you will also have more energy and find that you can do more activities because of your newfound strength. This is great reason why resistance training is beneficial to even those at more advanced ages because it allows them to improve their health and do more without the assistance of others. Because resistance training helps build not only stronger muscles but also builds stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability, resistance training helps reinforce your joints and prevent injury. Lastly, there is evidence that resistance training can result in a lowered heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

Consistent resistance training has more than physical benefits. Studies have found that ten weeks of strength training reduced symptoms of depression and helped participants feel much more energetic on a daily basis. These results occur often because those who resistance train become more confident as a result of their workouts. With all of these incredible benefits, how could you not want to give resistance training a try.

There is a wide range of types of resistance training exercises to keep your workouts fresh yet challenging. The key to effective resistance training is forcing your body to work against a load. This could meet lifting dumbbells to work your upper body, or even carrying them while doing lunges or squats to provide that extra resistance on top of your own body weight. Exercises like pull-ups, step-ups, and push-ups set the body up to work against its own body weight. Thus, resistance weight training helps pushes your body day after day and leads to increased muscle mass that in turn helps you burn fat.

The resistance training studio at OC FIT body provides all sorts of avenues for exercise to strengthen your body. At each, individual workout you could use dumbbells, tires, bands, pull up bars, and all sorts of exercises with just your own body weight to work on building muscle. All of these types of exercise could seem overwhelming but instead OC|FIT trainers make it a priority to educate clients on the safe and effective use of all of these equipment in order to ensure that everyone exercises safely and in a manner that will lead to the body they want.

At OC|FIT, the type of resistance training most commonly used is called Circuit Training. This involves doing a number of exercises in quick succession, usually lifting a lighter amount of weight at a high number of repetitions. Circuit training is the best kind of resistance training for burning fat while also increasing your endurance. Another type of resistance training sometimes used by OC|FIT trainers is Isometric weight training. This entails holding a weight in one position for a given amount of time without movement. This type of training can help improve balance and increases your stamina and strength in the given positions.

So, if you have found that your current exercise routine is not leading to the changes in your body that you would like to see, or you want to simply get back into daily physical activity in the first place, then look no further than the resistance training sessions at OC|FIT. After all, what could be better than getting stronger and leaner while having fun.

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Allison dropped 15lbs and got the smok’n hot body she deserved in 4 months

Steve and Bon at Irvine OC FIT are the best trainers anywhere! After my first 30-minute workout, I was instantly addicted. I couldn’t get enough of the intensity of their resistance training workouts and neither could my body! I love getting my fix of intense cardio, weights, and core workouts. The first 5 pounds melted off like butter, and I was pumped to keep pushing harder. A few months later, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and gained sexy muscles in my core, arms, and shoulders! I’m convinced OC FIT is the best gym for all levels of fitness, no matter what your fitness goals are.


Sean Dropped 67lbs and Went From Fadiator to Gladiator!

Before OC FIT, I had almost given up on getting into shape. I spent too much time and money on personal training, “breakthrough” diets, and celebrity-endorsed workout videos. But only OC FIT was able to deliver real results. Through the resistance training workouts offered at Fit Body, I LOST 67 POUNDS OF FLAB in virtually no time! The trainers at Fit Body made weight loss possible THE HEALTHY WAY, offering me great meal advice and encouraging me to always think positive. If you’re stuck in a fitness rut, let OC FIT help you get you through it with their incredible resistance training formula!


Elaine’s Down 8 Sizes In Just 3 Months! Awesome Job Elaine!

Steve and Bon at Fit Body are my heroes! With my busy work schedule, gym time and getting in shape felt impossible. At OC FIT, the resistance training workouts are only 30 minutes long, and the trainers give me so much motivation to come every morning and work my hardest. Before, friends and family would never think that I could lift weights or kickbox, but now I’m 8 sizes slimmer and full of strength and energy! The results are fast! The results are real! Thanks for all the support Fit Body!


The BEST Decision I Have Ever Made.

OC FIT is the COMPLETE FITNESS PACKAGE! Steve and the trainers gave me nutritional advice, attention of personal training, and paramount encouragement through each tough workout. I felt like a real person with real concerns at Fit Body, instead of some chain gym member lost in the mix. I’ve said goodbye to a surprising 45 POUNDS in 3 short months thanks to the resistance training exercises offered, and I owe all my newfound strength and health to OC FIT. I encourage everyone to try Fit Body…you too could be weeks away from the best shape ever!


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