The Kickboxing Experience

Some people have never experienced a real cardio workout. A real cardio workout entitles sustaining an elevated heart rate over the duration of at least 30 minutes. Social experiment: get up and start vigorously punching and kicking the air. Do it for about 30 seconds and you will see that your heart rate is elevated and your respiration is definitely increasing. The trick to a great workout is keeping that heart rate up and even past what you just felt from 30 seconds of moving.

Taking a cardio core workouts class is one of the best and most fun ways to keep that heart rate elevated to an appropriate level for an awesome workout. There are apparent reasons to why cardio core workouts classes are getting more and more popular. They are fun, timely, and you can take them with your friends. A little friendly competition amongst colleagues usually boosts the entire feel and energy of the group.

You are not only working out your heart and skeletal muscles, you are also learning martial arts techniques. Grant it, you probably will not be a prize fighter from cardio core workouts classes, but you will learn real moves in the field of core workouts. Learning punching and kicking techniques can be helpful in worst case scenarios, plus it is always fun to show off to your friends what you learned in your last cardio core workouts class.

Kickboxing is an awesome cardio workout because you are constantly challenging your core through jumping up and down to kick. This action also works your legs which is sustaining pressure from three times your body weight with each jump. The constant pace and fast movements with your whole body will keep your heart rate elevated and your muscles working at a good level.

Just try one cardio core workouts class, and you will see why it is currently one of the fastest growing fitness outlets out there.