Your Support System

Don’t wait for next January or the start of summer to make a resolution to improve your health and fitness. Whether you’re struggling with your goals to lose significant weight, or you want to take your body to the next level, a personal trainer can lead you to fitness success.

A lot of people think that personal training is strictly for athletes, celebrities, and big gym buffs, but personal training is really the best way for anyone to up their exercise routine. Here are just a few reasons why personal training continues to be a successful fitness tool:


How often have you skipped a gym day? Or left early just after a few sets? Probably too many times, simply because you weren’t accountable to anyone else beside yourself. With a personal trainer, you have a precise workout schedule to stick to. He or she expects you to show up. Someone else’s time, effort (and your money) is on the line, so why would you skip? You wouldn’t cheat yourself of valuable time in the gym when someone else expects you to keep a commitment you’ve made to yourself.


Motivation and Staying Focused

Likewise, a personal trainer prevents you from “taking it easy.” He or she pushes you past your comfort zones in order to see the results you want to see. No one gets stronger or faster doing the same exercises at the same stagnant levels. The body only changes outside its comfort zone, when it is challenged. So if you want leaner arms, a personal trainer will motivate you to lift more weight, complete more reps, rather than cheat yourself and quit when it starts to burn. If you want to run faster and farther, a personal trainer will encourage you to keep going even when your body is telling you to stop.


Tailored to your needs

Personal trainers know that not every exercise program works for every body. Therefore, they design each routine specifically for each separate client’s needs. If someone wants to lose a significant amount of weight, a personal trainer might incorporate more intervals of intense cardiovascular exercise. If someone wants to gain more upper body mass, a personal trainer might focus more on weight lifting. Personal trainers are there to listen to your needs, help outline your fitness goals, and tailor efficient workouts that will get you the best results.



Even though many exercises sound simple enough, it is very easy for people to injure themselves. They may lift weight that is too heavy for their strength level. They may move in a way that is detrimental to bones. For example, squatting improperly can cause permanent back issues. One of the key roles for fitness trainers is to help protect their clients from injury. A personal trainer ensures that you are carrying out each exercise with proper form and tempo so that your body can be strengthened without any damage.


            Essentially, the greatest advantage of having a personal trainer is that you have the support of someone else tracking your progress in the gym, keeping you focused on your goals, and motivating you to see maximum results.