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Huntington Beach
18281 Gothard St, Suite 105 Huntington Beach CA 92648

Yelp Reviews
  • Alyssa M.
    Alyssa M.
    5 star

    I'm 5 weeks in and OC Fit has become my new morning routine. More than that actually, it's changed my day to day life for the better. The trainers are my...

  • Eduardo D.
    Eduardo D.
    5 star

    Lost 24 Lbs without dieting. Yes it is possible. Joined to just start moving and got a lot more than I expected. A new passion for exercise and a healthy...

  • Yen N.
    Yen N.
    5 star

    It's intense!! I loved it but due to a medical problem, I cannot continue. I loved it and had a lot of fun. The trainers are really good and it was one...


Kid's club

17935 Sky Park Circle Irvine CA 92614

Yelp Reviews:

OC Fit Irvine

4.5 star rating 283 reviews

  • Santini S.
    Santini S.
    5 star

    This boot camp is definitely a must try , I have been training for about a year and needed to increase my cardio . Everyone hates cardio ! ... so I tried...

  • Tiffany L.
    Tiffany L.
    2 star

    I bought the one month Groupon and then signed up on a 6 month + 2 months free contract. It was an upgrade from going to LA Fitness and doing workouts on my...

  • Sherry A.
    Sherry A.
    5 star

    The trainers are great here!! Gave me personalized attention even with a big group because they know I was a beginner. I started with the Groupon deal and...


Showers, locker rooms

16872 Hale Ave Suite B Irvine CA 92606

Yelp Reviews

OC Fit Tustin

4.5 star rating 93 reviews

  • Amber C.
    Amber C.
    5 star

    I've been going to this location for over a year now after trying it out on a groupon. I have to say this is the best alternative to hiring a personal...

  • Joy Bethany N.
    Joy Bethany N.
    5 star

    I decided to take up on the Groupon deal after 2 of my coworkers referred me a few weeks ago. I have never been into working out or going to the gym... I...

  • Lidia M.
    Lidia M.
    4 star

    This facility is a little hidden when you are first looking for it. It looks like a giant storage facility that was transformed to a gym. This facility does...


Showers, locker rooms

Rancho Santa Margarita
23121 Antonio Pkwy, Suite 120 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

Yelp Reviews:


5 star rating 20 reviews

  • Tori H.
    Tori H.
    5 star

    This review is way overdue - I originally bought a Groupon back in February of 2017 after hearing about OC Fit via word of mouth. I didn't even wait until...

  • Kelly B.
    Kelly B.
    5 star

    This place is amazing. I've been working out on my own for years and trying out various classes. I have never been happier and more motivated to...

  • Steve C.
    Steve C.
    5 star

    I can't imagine a better "boot camp" experience. It is encouraging while challenging, painfully thorough, and very time conscious. Daniel transitions you...

15320 Goldenwest Street Westminster CA 92683

Yelp Reviews:

OC Fit Westminster

5 star rating 92 reviews

  • Natalie D.
    Natalie D.
    5 star

    Oh. My. Gawd. I am sore like crazy but I feel AWESOME and after my 5th workout here, I swear I'm already feeling an increase in energy (I'm usually a coffee...

  • Samantha O.
    Samantha O.
    5 star

    I decided to come here because I purchase a groupon for 3 weeks trial. I was actually really nervous at first because I am a regular gym goer and I thought...

  • Kimmy P.
    Kimmy P.
    5 star

    I came here with my girlfriend using a Groupon and it was amazing! I find every excuse not to work out but this place and the trainers kept me coming back....


Changing room

North Tustin
 In Mimi's Shopping Ctr
13931 Carroll Way, Suite D Tustin CA 92780