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Huntington Beach
18281 Gothard St, Suite 105 Huntington Beach CA 92648
(714) 842-1400

Yelp Reviews
  • Yen N.
    Yen N.
    5 star

    It's intense!! I loved it but due to a medical problem, I cannot continue. I loved it and had a lot of fun. The trainers are really good and it was one...

  • Amber M.
    Amber M.
    5 star

    Used a Groupon for the 21 day boot camp classes. Loved the trainers here! They are extremely helpful and created a high energy vibe during the workout. I...

  • Theresa N.
    Theresa N.
    4 star

    I brought a groupon here! I was so afraid to go here because I am soooo out of shape. Overall it was a great experience. The coaches were very sweet and...


Kid's club

17935 Sky Park Circle Irvine CA 92614
(949) 491-4187

Yelp Reviews:

OC Fit Irvine

5 star rating 266 reviews

  • Georgina V.
    Georgina V.
    5 star

    I have worked out my entire life and hands down this is the BEST WORKOUT I've ever experienced! My husband and I go together and love the trainers, the...

  • Cory P.
    Cory P.
    5 star

    It all start 5 years ago when my physical therapy told me that I have 80 year old body trapped in me and I needed to start working out asap. I had no...

  • Matt E.
    Matt E.
    5 star

    This gym is amazing. Great facilities, great equipment and great location. You can really tell that OC FIT has put their heart and soul into not only making...


Showers, locker rooms

Irvine – Tustin
16872 Hale Ave Suite B Irvine CA 92606
(949) 491-3883

Yelp Reviews

OC Fit Tustin

5 star rating 88 reviews

  • Don M.
    Don M.
    5 star

    If you want great coaching, high intensity 45 minutes work outs, and RESULTS... this is the place. For me, when I go to work out I don't want to think....

  • Jennifer F.
    Jennifer F.
    5 star

    After being on hiatus for about 8 months, I finally am getting back into working out. I decided to buy the groupon for OC Fit. This was a great buy! This...

  • Patty L.
    Patty L.
    5 star

    After working out for years at a regular gym like 24 or LA fitness it's nice to come to a place where you don't need to worry about making your own workout...


Showers, locker rooms

Rancho Santa Margarita
23121 Antonio Pkwy, Suite 120 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
(949) 207-4028

Yelp Reviews:


5 star rating 12 reviews

  • Steve C.
    Steve C.
    5 star

    I can't imagine a better "boot camp" experience. It is encouraging while challenging, painfully thorough, and very time conscious. Daniel transitions you...

  • Michele R.
    Michele R.
    5 star

    Used to be a member at OC fit irvine and absolutely loved it. Living in RSM, this new location is much more accommodating for me but it's exactly the same...

  • C P.
    C P.
    5 star

    I love OCFit RSM! Lauren at the front is so sweet and upbeat even at 5:30 am! The workouts are tough and never get easy! Each day is a different area to...

15320 Goldenwest Street Westminster CA 92683
(714) 893-3413

Yelp Reviews:

OC Fit Westminster

5 star rating 78 reviews

  • Holly N.
    Holly N.
    5 star

    I've almost finished my third week at oc fit & I couldn't be happier! The workouts kick my booty and the trainers are amazing. I really like how well...

  • Christine L.
    Christine L.
    4 star

    I've taken advantage of three groupon deals for OC Fit now: The first in August 2015 for 3 weeks, the second in January 2016 for 6 weeks and lastly in...

  • Handsome A.
    Handsome A.
    5 star

    I've been trying to overcome my addiction and I've heard that the first step is admittance. I'll admit that I'm in love with this place! While I'll agree...


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