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Q: What are your views/strategies in regards to nutrition when it comes to getting lean and toned?
A: There’s no quick, easy, go-to diet that will get you lean and toned. The honest truth is to commit and make a lifestyle change for the better. One must choose to eat cleaner. Each of us must make a decision to prepare our foods more than eat out. For myself, 6 small meals, every 2.5-3 hrs per day, and a whole lot of water does the trick!
A: I find that it is important to get into a routine and change the way I think about what I am eating, instead of trying to use short-term fad diets. Any diets that cut out entire food groups just will not work for me, so instead I try to eat foods that are high in protein, multigrain, and fresh fruits and vegetables for the majority of my meals. I make sure not to drink my calories and largely stick to water or decaffeinated teas and rarely consume alcohol. I also choose lighter sauces when eating salads or pastas so that I can splurge in other areas. I have found that making generally healthier choices on a daily basis allows for more wiggle room on days where I end up faced with higher calorie options.
A: Getting lean requires a formulated diet that can be implemented for each person, not every individual has to have the same diet. Diet is more important than exercise, it is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Diet should involve, 5-6 meals a day, eating about every 3 hours. Protein is very important to have for every meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should include chicken, meat, fish, etc and some veggies. It is important to minimize the amount of grains and complex carbs in order to get lean and maximize results.

Q: What are your views/strategies in regards to working out when it comes to getting lean and toned?
A: H.I.I.T. does the trick. I’ve done the heavy lifting. I’ve done the crazy amount of straight cardio. But I’ve gotten the most results from High Intensity Interval Training. Along with that, I double it up with playing a variety amount of sports; to keep my competitive spirit up and also to see the functionality of H.I.I.T. training implemented within playing sports.
A: During my junior year of college, I suddenly realized I was overweight and tried working out at least once per day, seven days per week. After a few months of skipping meals and doing this cardio routine, I was dismayed to find that I had barely lost any weight. That summer I began working with a trainer who explained that I needed to built muscle in order to achieve the results I actually wanted. He also explained that I was hurting myself my skipping meals and that instead I needed to eat better and more often, just maybe in smaller portions. Sure enough, resistance training coupled with eating smaller meals more often than three times per day helped me shed 20 pounds in two months. Now, I am a firm believer that you will not lose weight and get lean and toned solely through cardio workouts. Weight training coupled with cardio is the right formula to burn fat and keep it off.
A: To get lean and toned it is important to work out at least 3-4 times a week. It is essential to incorporated weights into the work out; building muscle is what makes your body look lean and tight.

Q: What are your views/strategies in regards to resistance training when it comes to getting lean and toned?
A: I few that resistance training is something that is lacking when it comes to training. Getting the negative rep is just as important as maximizing a regular rep. In addition, slow and steady is just as impactful as fast and strong.
A: I firmly believe that resistance training is the optimal way to get lean and toned in the long term. I realize that some women resist anything relating to weights because they fear getting bulky, however a woman’s body will not bulk up just through a basis resistance training routine. In my experience, resistance training was the only way I was able to shed weight and consistently has enabled me to keep it off for four years now.
A: Resistance training is the best way to getting lean and toned because it doesn’t require more than an hour to build muscle and burn fat. Resistance training is the best way to get lean because you are burning fat while at the same time building muscle. What you do in an hour most people at the gym do in two hours, so I can say that it is time efficient for the desired results.

Q: What are your views/strategies in regards to cardio when it comes to getting lean and toned?
A: Cardio is important in any aspect of working out, playing sports, life in general. Depending what type of body a person is looking to achieve. Take for instance a sprinter v.s. a long distance runner. If a person is looking to be bigger and shredded, than their training will be consisting more of sprints, quick start and stop training, which will burn fat. Now if a person is looking to be tone and thin, than they can go ahead and run miles upon miles to gradually melt the fat. It’s been documented though, for fast, rapid fat burn, a person should do sprints and rollercoaster their heart rate.
A: It is my opinion that cardio alone will not enable an individual to get lean and toned. Cardio coupled with both smart eating and resistance training enable individuals to meet their weight loss goals without putting in hours per day.
A: Cardio is essential to getting lean but it depends on what kind of cardio exercises and how often it is done. Doing cardio only will not lead to getting lean because the body becomes used to the same exercise and it only burns instant calories. In order to get lean, muscle building is essential. While lifting weights it is also important to do cardio-based exercises.

Q: What are your views/strategies in regards to supplements when it comes to getting lean and toned?
A: I’m not really a big guy when it comes to supplements. One because it’s an additional cost to the amount of food I already eat. I rather focus on my consumption of food than to purchase supplements. I take protein, aminos, pre workout, but at the end of the day, food is most important.
A: While I have never used or felt the need to use supplements when it comes to getting lean and toned, I know plenty of people who use supplements and have had positive results. I try to get the necessary nutrients that I need from the foods I eat and multivitamins.
A: I don’t believe in supplements to get lean and toned. The only thing necessary to achieve results is exercise and a healthy diet.

Q: What are your views/strategies for strengthening the core?
A: Getting a strong core can be done with everyday movements, not just in the gym. Main thing is to keep your core activated by sucking in your stomach (belly button to back) which will also assist with posture. As for exercises, as long as we maintain this great posture while sucking in the tummy, we’ll be activating the core and should be it on fire by the end of a workout session.
A: I believe it is essential to use varying exercises to strengthen the core. Jump-squats coupled with ab workouts and burpees that work the entire body help to use and strengthen all my core muscles and get my heart pumping!
A: Strategies for strengthening the core involve different exercises that work out the core while working out another muscle group. It is not necessary to work out the core every day.

Q: In your opinion, why is boot camp the best way to get lean and toned?
A: Because in just 40 minutes, as long I give 100% effort in each exercise I do, the transformation will come. The combination of the different exercises, amount of weights, intensity, utilizing multiple muscles, and also the camaraderie between people make the experience just awesome!
A: Boot camp is the best way to get lean and toned while also having fun. The sessions are short enough to facilitate working out within a busy schedule but also have helped me build even more muscle while looking lean.
A: Boot camp is the best way to get lean and toned because the exercises incorporated in the work outs are built to help clients lose weight and build muscle. Every day of the week works out different muscle groups, which is important so the body does not get used to the same exercises. Every week there are different exercises so the body doesn’t plateau. The whole work out is only 45 minutes which is an amount of time that anyone can make in their day to get their desired results.

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